Life between Lives Regression

What is Life between Lives or Spiritual Regression?

Spiritual Regression sometimes known as Life between Life regression is a process developed by Dr Michael Newton, whereby an individual is taken to the place between incarnations in order to gain profound insights from the perspective of their immortal soul.
Recalling physical and emotional events about former lives when the subject is mentally out of body allows them to reach core issues related to karma, dissect them and expose them to examination for meaning and purpose.
Spiritual regression is a powerful mechanism for the release of latent trauma because so much about our existence involves personal choices we make as souls and the reasons behind them. A certain amount of the healing work I do within the framework of a past life regression involves a period of time working within the life between life state. However, a Spiritual Regression is often worthy of a session in itself, usually after a client has had some experience of past life regression. It can be a very powerful and profound way of gaining insights and answers to questions such as: What is my life’s purpose? Why am I here?

Life between Lives-James Quinn

Life between Lives-a client testimonial