"It was amazing really because I didn’t think it could happen, especially to be cured after a couple of sessions..since I’ve left here I’ve been able to go shopping, I’ve returned back to work full time...I can go out on my own and feel confident, whereas before I couldn’t do that. It’s amazing, it really is!"
Courtney L.

"Can Hypnotherapy set me free from Fear?"

"It has given me a greater understanding of my feelings and reactions to those feelings in that it has given me a form/shape whereas before I felt very confused by them." Michael G.

Anger, Anxiety and Depression Friern Barnet Greater Understanding

“I appreciated our sessions very much and truly feel that they have made a profound difference. There have been so many changes, some immediate, some very gradual and it might make you laugh to think that actually, I don't really want to quantify them or analyse them, I just want to let them keep happening! I know that this process is going to continue and continue” Sue T.

Panic Attacks and Stress Potters Bar
So Many Changes

"I am getting lower blood pressure readings which my doctor has verified. I feel much more hopeful and it was very powerful and enjoyable. I have a better attitude, new motivation and inner strength. I felt I could always stop the hypnosis at any time and would recommend hypnosis" Frances K.

Blood Pressure Phobia Finchley
Very Powerful!.

Vanessa B. came for a single session of hypnotherapy in Canterbury.
"I feel more able to face my fears and deal with them. I feel better about myself and would recommend hypnotherapy."

Anxiety Kent -
Feel Better about Myself

Welcome to Freedom from Fear Hypnosis in London

"Why choose this Anxiety method?"

In short, because in the vast majority of cases - it works! Anxiety and phobias are a way of thinking that have been learnt. If you are willing to engage fully with the processes that we will engage in, then you can be successful in becoming free of your fear and discover a new way of thinking. I've been working with anxiety and phobias for many years and I've explored and received training in many different methods to find the most successful methods available.

>Information for clients

Why is this method so successful?"

Anxiety and phobias are different so the strategies I use may differ, but the reason my methods are so successful is that I don't just get you to close your eyes and take you on an imaginary journey, but I treat your problem as unique and so work to find out the structure of your problem (what pictures or words you are creating inside your head) and using the most up to date and tried and tested change strategies help you to unlearn the fear response from that situation and to respond more appropriately in the future.

Follow this link for research information regarding the effectiveness of phobia treatments , and why I consider the method I use to have the highest success rate.


Freedom from fear in four easy steps


Arrange a free telephone consultation where I can find out a little about your problem,  and you can get all your questions answered and decide if you want to go ahead and book a consultation.


When you go ahead and book, I will send you a questionnare that not only gives me the essential information that I need but also will help prepare you for the session. Your problem may be different from anyone else’s, so with the information I receive I am able to tailor your session to you to make it really effective and permanent.


Come in to my clinic and we work together over a period of an hor and a half. This whole session is not only effective, but is interesting and can be fun too. Most people find that the time goes really quickly!



Most clients book from between 1 to 3 session, so between sessions is your opportunity to notice and build on the changes that began in the first session and do any "homework" tasks that I set. It is this time, back in the real world where you can begin to discover what it feels like to be free of fear.

How does it work?

You may have seen TV programmes of a phobia treatment whereby people are forced to face their fear head on and end up being severely traumatised.
Well, I just don't work like that!
Using Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), NLP and clinical hypnosis I use an anxiety or phobia treatment that creates change utilising the way that memory and trauma are encoded in the brain, the power of your imagination and the remarkable ability of your unconscious mind.


Set yourself free with hypnotherapy & coaching in London!


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