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Rewind Technique efficacy is supported by new four year research

Until recently there has been little research into the rewind technique (also known as the fast phobia cure). However a new study of four years’ use of this phobia treatment technique at the Nova Trauma Support Services (part of the Barnardo’s charity) has shown remarkable results. The Nova team provide therapeutic support to individuals and families who have been psychologically traumatised, primarily as a result of their experiences in Northern Ireland.

The team worked with forty seven people, 57% of whom were treated with only the Rewind Phobia treatment Technique. Twenty six would have met the criteria for PTSD. The results show that after treatment none of the forty seven people treated met the criteria for PTSD. There was also a significant reduction of all sub symptoms associated with PTSD, five categories had zero reports after this phobia treatment.

Martin Murphy, lead clinician in the study, said ‘….the case notes repeatedly identified not only relief from symptoms but also the emergence of qualitative positive changes in the individual’s daily lives.’ He suggests that it is effective in children as young as 8 and adults at least to the age of seventy; and that the rewind phobia treatment technique is effective for both single and multiply traumatized individuals. (Human Given journal Volume 14, No 4- 2007)

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