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“We all have the potential for major change in our lives. Change doesn’t have to require months or years of painful and expensive therapy!”

James Quinn is a Hypnotherapy London based specialist and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). He holds a General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP) and is accredited by the National Regulatory Register for Hypnotherapy (NRH).
He holds Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis(DCH), Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy(DHP), Advanced Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives regression and NLP Master Practitioner. He is a certified trainer in Integral Eye Movement Therapy(IEMT). With over 20 years experience in promoting change in people's lives, he provides a tailor-made solution to clients seeking help.

Over the years, many people have been helped to overcome challenges using Hypnotherapy and Coaching.
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Do you suffer from any of these five common complaints?

  • Unwanted thoughts
  • Smoking
  • Phobia
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of confidence

These and many more can be alleviated using the methods employed in my clinics.

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How can Hypnotherapy help?

Problems often reside in the unconscious mind where logic and will-power have only limited effect. Hypnotherapy works by helping you to work with your unconscious mind to release those negative issues and pave the way for a new and more positive way of thinking.
Hypnotherapy can also be a useful addition or alternative means of treatment to more traditional methods such as counselling.
I should stress that I’m not a counselor, but a hypnotherapist, so am primarily concerned with helping you to change from an undesired state to a more useful state. I may sometimes use methods that can be challenging but effective in creating change and you get to participate in the process. I may even give you homework tasks between sessions to help in the process.

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Weight LossLose weight now with Vital Therapy London

  • Is your eating is out of control?
  • Tired of the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting?
  • Do you eat when you're sad, angry or depressed?
  • Are you ready to do something different?
If you are, then why not change your relationship with food forever, and begin to feel lighter and happier!  

Overcome anxiety now with Vital Therapy LondonAnxiety & Phobias

  • Is fear and anxiety controlling your life?
  • Are there things you would like to do but fear is stopping you?
  • Do you suffer from a specific fear that you know is irrational, but just can't help it?
Well, it doesn't  have to be that way. Many people have been helped to get that control back in their lives and are now living the life they want.

CoachingCoaching with Vital Therapy London

  • Would you like to be more successful?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall?
  • Not sure what steps to take?
  • Would you like to achieve more of what you want?
Many coaching clients are now discovering new ways of achieving their goals and the steps to take.

Stop/Quit Smokingstop-smoking with Vital therapy

Are you totally fed up with smoking and want to stop permanently?
  • With a 3 session programme
  • Safely, without side effects, such as weight gain
  • With a highly successful Easy Stop Smoking method
  • and with FREE backup and support for 1 year

Past Life Regression with Vital therapyPast Life Regression

  • Do you wonder where certain behaviors or fears come from?
  • Have you ever experienced dreams of other lifetimes?
  • Are you fascinated by certain eras in history?
  • Do you think you've lived before?
Explore past lifetimes to access powerful new ways of thinking and resolve issues at very deep levels.

Change your life and achieve your goals with hypnotherapy in London!

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