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Why choose this Stop Smoking method?

Throughout the time I’ve been helping people to stop smoking, I’ve explored many different methods to find the most successful method available. The method I now use is the Thrive as a non-smoker method designed by Rob Kelly. It is not only highly successful with a verified 92.5% success rate, but is safe and has no side effects. With the powerful Stop Smoking Hypnosis techniques that I use, a great many smokers find it easy to quit – over a course of 3 sessions.

Now fully backed up by scientific research.

Stop Smoking Wembley-A Weight off my Shoulders

“I would just like to thank James Quinn for helping me quit smoking. I used to smoke 30 to 40 cigarettes a day. I tried quitting on many occasions but didn’t have the will power to succeed. I met with James and he explained every question and query I had about hypnotherapy.I had just one session with James and he has transformed my life. I feel free from the hold it had on me. I can breath better and even find that I am sleeping easier. He has offered me help and consultation even after the hypnotherapy. It has now been 1 year and 9 months and I am still free from the smoky restraints which held me...I felt like I didn't need it or want it anymore...there's now something inside me that says"you don't need it anymore"...without hypnosis, I would be smoking now...the hypnosis said STOP and freed me from it...I was released and it felt like a weight off my shoulders...I would never ever, because of the hypnotherapy that's been installed in me, ever go back to smoking. It's almost like I've never smoked

Kind Regards
Gary N.""

Gary Neale-motorcycle instructor at London Bike Training in Wembley, came to see me for help to stop smoking with hypnosis
Gary N. from Crouch End travelled approximately 20 minutes to the Finchley Central, North London Stop Smoking clinic.

Stop Smoking testimonial of freedom from smoking in 1 hour

Stop Smoking Harley Street - A Light is Switched on

Shai came to see me at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy clinic in Central London for help to stop smoking

Shai travelled to the Harley Street Hypnotherapy clinic for help to quit smoking. “It's out of my system...slowing down, taking it easy, feel much better, feel really healthy now, breathing a lot better, a bit more chilled really, ironically stopping smoking reduces stress...a light is switched on"

Stop Smoking Hendon - A Completely different Mindset

Dan from Colindale came to see me at the Hendon Hypnotherapy clinic for help to stop smoking. He provides an insight into the mindset necessary for success.

Dan travelled to the Hendon Hypnotherapy clinic for help to quit smoking.

“I felt a lot better and more positive about it this time than when I stopped still walk out the same person...but you go out with a completely different mindset..your mind is focused, channelled differently....every now and then I wouldn't mind having one, but I generally don't think about it...every now and then there's a pang but it just goes away...on day one I was focussed that I'm not gonna do that again and I'm still like that right now and I'm feeling better about myself, so it's all goes to show that it(smoking) never did relax me and I don't have to go out and have a cig...i do remember it being relaxing after a meeting but deep down I realise it's not. I would fully recommend it but I think you've really got to want to as well...I think you've got to be 100% focussed...100% that it's what you want to do, otherwise you could walk out and think I don't feel any different...if you gave up straight away, you've had it...I'm very positive it went very well, all good"

Nancy V. from Amersham travelled approximatley 45 minutes to the Barnet North London Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking clinic

“Hi James
Not had a cigarette since our meeting and not had the urge either, so it’s been life changing.Thanks so much”

Stop Smoking Amersham – Life changing!

Roshni from Barnet travelled to the Barnet stop smoking clinic I feel much better-healthier.
Since April 2013 I have not had the urge to have a cigarette Hypnotherapy has been a huge help and has helped me save a great deal of money and made me change the way I think. If you're considering hypnosis as a way to stop smoking, try it, it's a long lasting experience

Stopping Smoking Golders Green- Saved Money