95% success rate of a “Stop Smoking In One Hour” technique – Report by Michael O’Driscoll. 300 subjects followed up by telephone over a two year period. Although this was not considered a scientific clinical trial it does support the high success rates claimed for hypnotherapy as an effective method for stopping smoking.


94% of 1000 people stop smoking with hypnotherapy for 18 months or more. Von Dedenroth, T (1968) American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis


Success with hypnotherapy based on one years’ follow up. Kline, M.(1970) International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

67% – 88%

Published research findings by Watkins, Sanders and Crasilneck and Hall for Hypnotherapy.


Single session hypnosis using latest relaxation methods


Suggestion hypnosis only or just listening to cassette tapes.


Exercise and breathing therapy


Aversion therapy




Nicotine patches + seeing a counsellor


Nicotine gum


Will power alone

* “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking“,as reported by the New Scientist article of 1992

The above table based on information in the book Stop Smoking in One Hour, by Valerie Austin : published by John Blake Publishing, and the New Scientist article of 31st October 1992

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