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Lose weight now with Vital Therapy London

At the Weight Loss Clinic it is my belief that diets don’t work and calorie counting harms more than helps, that crash diets are potentially dangerous and that you can control your comfort eating with just a little knowledge and some professional help….in addition to utilising the power of your own mind.

I can now show you how weight loss can be achieved easily and healthily, how to drop the pounds without pain, how to shift the fat in a way that leaves you feeling slim, shapely, attractive and healthy. Your energy levels will rise, you’ll feel more self-confident than ever and you’ll easily drop a dress size (or more), guaranteed!

You’ll learn how to begin to respect your body and learn to really enjoy your food, without any of the usual guilt! So, throw away every diet you’ve ever bought or been given and jump off the yo-yo dieting roundabout…leave all the low self-esteem and feelings of failure behind you – you never wanted them and you most certainly never deserved them.

So, whether you are obese, overweight, tubby, cuddly, podgy or just plain fat; begin to get your head around the idea that you can eat naturally, eat whatever your body wants and needs, eat whenever you are hungry….and that there are no “bad” foods.

Revealed … the brutal and honest truth on why most diets don't lead to long term weight loss!

Slow weight loss is agreed by health and nutrition specialists to be the most effective long-term strategy if you want to keep the weight off. When you start to diet and eat less than your body thinks it requires it makes the assumption that you’re heading towards starvation and adapts by decreasing your metabolic rate (the speed you burn up food.)

This is a very aggressive tactic and immediately puts your body on the defensive, so that any weight loss achieved during this time will often be regained later when you start eating “normally” again, as your metabolic rate will now be slower and therefore you will gain more weight as it will appear that you are now overeating.

Dieters often restrict and change their food range but return to previous eating patterns when their target weight is reached or they give up on it. Weight will gradually begin to creep back on and in many cases will go beyond the original starting point, leaving behind that familiar feeling of failure and even lower self-esteem and self-confidence ... is it any wonder we call it is called comfort eating!

Hypnosis is the perfect way to get what you want out of life; it doesn’t replace willpower, instead it gives your self-confidence and self-belief such a boost you find behaviour changes easy and fast and when you change your habits for long enough they tend to stick!