The Diary of a Hypnotist -The value of NOW

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Many people want goals to become reality in their future. However, one of the most powerful catalysts of change resides in the ability of clients to connect with what they have in the present.
One of my colleagues recently wrote about the dangers of making promises in the future and I couldn’t agree more.
Doing so, disconnects a person from useful abilities they have in the present and releases them from taking responsibility for their own lives. If as therapists, we start to promise magical solutions in a single session are we any different from the psychics who tell their clients not to worry, everything will be ok.
As agents of change, I think we have the responsibility to help clients to take the responsibility back and help them to be the creators of their own destiny.
The tools we have at our disposal to do that can help to connect clients to inner qualities that they may have overlooked before and find different kinds of solutions outside of their current way of thinking.

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