Information for clients

Information for clients

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It is common for many people seeking a solution to a problem to have the “magic pill” mindset. This is the mindset that a magical and instant resolution to a problem. To the general public, hypnosis can appear to be that magical solution. However it doesn’t quite work that way.
So, it’s important to understand that a client will not somehow be “knocked out” and wake up later magically transformed. I realise that we all want change to happen quickly and sometimes miracles do happen, but new behaviours often have to compete with the old, so if a condition has been present for a very long time it may take more than a single session for change to be permanent.
Hypnosis is a very powerful tool but the process of change using hypnosis is not necessarily passive on the part of the client. It’s more of a partnership between therapist and client, so it’s important to understand that some work is involved on your part. You get the opportunity to participate in your change and I may even give homework! Some methods may appear unfamiliar or strange at first and may be completely different to the normal way of thinking. However, the clients who are most successful in creating change are those who engage with the processes fully and are willing to take on new ways of thinking and being. It is fundamentally YOU who will create the change, I am the guide on your journey.

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Again, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit the website, and to see how I can help you.

I understand that times are hard at the moment and you want to invest your hard earned money sensibly.

The therapy I practice is the most modern, successful, rapid, thorough and empowering of any therapy available in the world today … if you choose to come and see me, you have a VERY GOOD CHANCE that your anxiety, fear, phobia, depression or panic attacks will be completely resolved in just a few sessions … no other form of therapy can offer you these assurances.

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