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"Why choose this Stop Smoking method?"

Throughout the time I've been helping people to stop smoking, I've explored many different methods to find the most successful method available. The method I now use is the Thrive as a non-smoker method designed by Rob Kelly.It is not only highly successful with a verified 92.5% success rate, but is safe and has no side effects. With the powerful Stop Smoking Hypnosis techniques that I use, a great many smokers find it easy to quit – in as little as one hour! Now fully backed up by scientific research.


Stop Smoking with Vital Therapy London

"Why is Stop Smoking hypnosis so successful?"

It is so successful because you receive immediate rewards for your efforts;

  • you have an intense feeling of pride and satisfaction
  • you receive an immediate boost to your willpower
  • you gain a huge amount of confidence in your ability to remain a non smoker
  • situations that used to make you feel stressed or anxious, now just relax you

and much more……

Follow this link for a comparison of the different methods of smoking cessation success rates, and why I consider the method I use to have  the highest success rate.

"Can Hypnotherapy set me free from Cigarettes?"

Stop Smoking testimonial of freedom from smoking in 1 hour

“I would just like to thank James Quinn for helping me quit smoking. I used to smoke 30 to 40 cigarettes a day...there's now something inside me that says "you don't need it anymore" Gary N.
Stop Smoking Amersham – Life changing!
  “Hi James "Not had a cigarette since our meeting and not had the urge either, so it’s been life changing.Thanks so much” Nancy V.  
Stopping Smoking Golders Green- Saved Money
"...Since April 2013 I have not had the urge to have a cigarette Hypnotherapy has been a huge help and has helped me save a great deal of money and made me change the way I think." Roshni

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Stop smoking in four easy steps

Arrange a free telephone consultation where I can find out a little about how you think about smoking, if you are suitable for hypnotherapy and you can get all your questions answered and decide if you want to go ahead and book a consultation.


Useful Information for Clients

When you go ahead and book, I will send you a questionnaire that not only gives me the essential information that I need but also will help prepare you for the session. Your reasons and triggers for smoking may be different from anyone else’s, so with the information I receive I am able to tailor your session to you to make it really effective and permanent. Once you have left a deposit for your session, your appointment is confirmed.

Come in to my clinic and we work together over a period of between one and two hours. This whole session is not only effective, but is interesting and can be fun too. Most people find that the time goes really quickly!

Start Living Smoke-Free as a Non-Smoker

– Begin to find out what life can be like when you are free of the smoking for good. Over the next few days, the oxygen begins to come back to your skin and your gums as the Carbon Monoxide that you used to get from the smoking disappears and the nicotine leaves your body. Your body is amazing and begins to heal immediately. You will begin to notice being able to walk and run and climb the stairs easier, getting all the benefits of breathing so much clearer, and the benefits just continue to grow with each day and week and month - begin to feel fantastic.

How does it work?

The stop smoking hypnosis method I use builds significantly upon the simple suggestion therapy session and combines insights into why people REALLY smoke, with suggestion therapy, visualisation, positive thinking and applied psychological techniques, to make stopping smoking as easy as possible.

Quit those fags permanently - Stopping smoking is actually a very EASY thing to do - if you go about it the right way! Without willpower, and without having to suffer cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

The comment above is from the study published in The New Scientist magazine and is based purely on 'suggestion therapy' (normal hypnotherapy), where the client is relaxed into a light hypnotic state and given positive suggestions into their subconscious, to help them stop smoking. The stop smoking hypnosis method I use builds significantly upon the simple suggestion therapy session and also combines insights into why people REALLY smoke, with suggestion therapy, visualisation, positive thinking and applied psychological techniques, to make stopping smoking as easy as possible.

The actual sessions programme consists of three 90 minute sessions - a forty minute 'talking bit' which may be followed by a twenty minute stop smoking hypnosis session. During the 'talking bit' your belief system will be challenged (the way you think and feel about smoking) by asking you questions (that may be quite personal!), getting you to think differently about smoking, challenging all those beliefs about why you smoke, and getting you to see the whole smoking business from a totally different perspective (Warning: much banter, humor and swearing may be employed during this part of the session!)

With the powerful Stop Smoking Hypnosis techniques that I use, a great many smokers find it easy to quit - in just one session.

All About Stop Smoking Hypnosis

My easy stop smoking hypnotherapy session enables you to change your belief system (the way you think and feel about smoking) to that of a 'non-smoker' rather than an 'ex-smoker'. Ex-smokers who have stopped smoking for a while using willpower or most of the other stop smoking hypnosis techniques out there, still think about smoking... They would still really like to smoke... They feel stressed and grumpy without a cigarette... Inevitably most of these people will soon go back to smoking.

With the method of smoking cessation I use, your belief system is entirely changed to that of a NON-SMOKER. You will learn to see smoking from a completely different perspective. Non-smokers find it extremely easy not to smoke – they don’t have cravings, they don’t feel grumpy if they don’t smoke, they don’t even think about smoking! This is why this Stop Smoking Hypnosis session has such impressive results.

Why do YOU! want to quit?

You might think that by quitting you would; live a little longer, feel a little healthier, get nagged a little less from your partner or kids, save a few quid, or have nicer smelling breath. The trouble is, ..........and here is the problem, ........... none of those reasons bring immediate rewards i.e. You don't feel healthier/fitter/richer/nicer smelling/less nagged, the day after quitting smoking. (or the next day, or week, or even month).

That doesn't sound like a good deal to me! - give up something I love, and in five years I may just feel a little healthier!

No wonder people often get stressed, moody, stroppy, angry and depressed when they quit smoking by willpower alone.

People want their rewards and benefits NOW - not in five/ten/twenty years time.

Why is it (normally!) so hard to quit?

Most people find it hard to give up smoking because they receive no immediate or tangible BENEFIT for doing so: they get no reward... you give up something you love or need, for no reason at all. It's no wonder people get crabby/angry etc

Let me give you an example:

If somebody offered you ten pounds for your gold chain/watch, would you take it?

No, of course you wouldn't.

What about £20? £50? What about £500?

Chances are, if the amount offered kept rising, then sooner or later an amount would be reached that was an acceptable price/exchange for your piece of jewelry, even if it was a family heirloom or a present from a loved one.

You wouldn't give it up for nothing, you'd be mad!

You'd want to be adequately compensated for your loss!

The better the 'deal' you get, the better you feel about it.

The worse the 'deal' you get, the worse you feel about it. Makes sense?


Part of you wants to smoke. You like it. You need it. You might even love it! You've probably done it for years and years. It helps you to relieve stress and tension. It makes you feel confident, when you are feeling insecure. It calms you down when you've been feeling anxious. It acts as a reward after a tough day at work. It makes you feel 'whole', and 'complete'. (I could go on and on and on here) Why would you want to give up all those benefits?, and receive no reward for doing so?

For those interested in the biological effects of nicotine, you might like to read this article

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