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Some of the uses of Past Life Regression include:

Clearing Past Life Trauma

One of the most well known uses of past life regression includes clearing physical, mental and emotional trauma that may be affecting a person in their current life.
There are a wide range of psychotherapeutic methods for clearing traumas that may include:

  • 1. Re-educating the Past Life character so that belief is no longer necessary.
  • 2. Allowing the client to express their emotions to other characters involved in the trauma.
  • 3. Rescue the past life character by re-running the life with a different outcome or bringing the character forward into this life.
  • 4. Transforming emotions with breath/energy work.
  • 5. Gaining powerful insights about what was being learnt from the perspective of the Soul.
  • 6. Soul retrieval; retrieving aspects of the soul that splintered off.

Accessing past life creative abilities

One of the skills I often use in coaching and therapy is the use of NLP(neuro linguistic programming). NLP modelling is the ability to access resources, qualities and beliefs of a role model in order to have the correct mindset in a particular endeavour, be it in leadership, business, public speaking or musical ability to name a few. Another way to access those abilities with past life regression would be to access a past life character who had those skills that you would like to acquire in this life and bring them through into your current life. Some clients may not necessarily require a past life regression for therapeutic reasons but may have a business or personal goal they would like to achieve. In that sense, we can use past life regression as a form of coaching to access skills and abilities. Sometimes it may be necessary to resolve anything in those lives that may be preventing those abilities coming through into this life. For example, a healer that had been burnt at the stake as a witch may then have developed the belief that healing is dangerous. In that case, that limiting belief will need to be released through a range of methods.

Past Life Regression CD

This past life regression CD is designed to guide you into a deep state of relaxation in order to access and heal your past lives. It uses binaural beat brainwave entrainment technology to help you access the theta brainwave state. It will take you on a journey into a past life that is relavent to an issue that you decide to work on and then on into the spirit realm to do any healing required. The past life regression lasts 60 minutes.

past life regression cd by hypnotherapist James QuinnPlease note the CD is currently out of stock but is still available as a download


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