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[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Allergies”]Allergy or hypersensitivity is the bodies abnormal reaction to a substance.
How can hypnotherapy or NLP help with allergic reactions?
In much the same way a phobia is created, there is evidence to suggest that allergic reactions are learnt by the body associating stresses with a time that a substance was ingested. In Pavlov’s famous experiment whereby dogs were fed after a bell was rung, removing the food and simply ringing the bell caused the dogs to salivate. If we replace th bell with a substance we would no doubt get the same reaction.
Consider, what would happen if instead of being fed, the dogs were given an unpleasant experience after breathing pollen for example.
We would thus cause an allergic reaction. In effect an allergic reaction is the bodies way of allerting you of danger to a perceived threat.
So, in treating allergies using NLP and hypnotherapy one approach is to re-educate that learnt response from the initial sensitising event as well as building up new more positive physical associations with the allergen. Obviously, extreme caution needs to be taken when addressing any life threatening allergic reactions, such as nut allergies etc and psychological treatment is no substitute for avoiding those substances at all costs.

Some useful information on the mechanism of allergies can be found here:
[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”Anxieties and Phobias”]Anxiety disorders are very common, affecting as many as 13% of the adult population. They can start at any time, either in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood and fall into five main types:

Do you suffer from extreme anxiety or panic when confronted or even when you think about what frightens you?
Do you avoid situations where you might have to face your fear?

Is it finally time to be set free? With mind technologies such as NLP and Clinical Hypnosis there is now no reason for anyone to be suffering from phobias, fear and anxiety.

We have all seen TV programmes of people being forced to face their fear and being severely traumatised.
Well, I just don’t work like that!
Using NLP and clinical hypnosis I help create change using the power of your imagination and the remarkable ability of your unconscious mind.

Treatment using hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP can give very rewarding and satisfying results. If you suffer with an anxiety based problem, and especially if it’s causing problems in your life, then don’t suffer in silence.

Rewind Technique efficacy is supported by new four year research

Until recently there has been little research into the rewind technique (also known as the fast phobia cure). However a new study of four years’ use of the technique at the Nova Trauma Support Services (part of the Barnardo’s charity) has shown remarkable results. The Nova team provide therapeutic support to individuals and families who have been psychologically traumatised, primarily as a result of their experiences in Northern Ireland.

The team worked with forty seven people, 57% of whom were treated with only the Rewind Technique. Twenty six would have met the criteria for PTSD. The results show that after treatment none of the forty seven people treated met the criteria for PTSD. There was also a significant reduction of all sub symptoms associated with PTSD, five categories had zero reports after treatment.

Martin Murphy, lead clinician in the study, said ‘….the case notes repeatedly identified not only relief from symptoms but also the emergence of qualitative positive changes in the individual’s daily lives.’ He suggests that it is effective in children as young as 8 and adults at least to the age of seventy; and that the rewind is effective for both single and multiply traumatized individuals. (Human Given journal Volume 14, No 4- 2007)

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[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Coaching”]Coaching is the term used to describe a conversational exchange between a coach and a client whereby the client is helped to resolve problems, overcome obstacles and reach goals outside of the context of therapy. These may involve contexts such as business, sport or the arts. There are many skills that a hypnotist or NLP practitioner has at his disposal that can make him an effective coach.
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[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”Confidence”]Hypnotherapy can help to remove a lot of the unhelpful beliefs and confusing interference in the way you talk to yourself so that you can focus on what you want. You can start to develop new and exciting beliefs. Your self confidence will improve because it was always there anyway. You were born with confidence and generally it’s just life experiences and “knocks” that lower our levels of confidence and self belief.
[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Chronic illness”]There are a wide range of options available for those suffering from chronic and terminal conditions. Hypnotic techniques and energy therapies can be very effective in bringing relief, combatting the side effects of traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and bringing a sense of peace to those who are suffering. Amongst the methods used are the use of the Ultra
Deep State
and Energy healing techniques[/toggle_framed]
[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome)”]Among psychological treatments tested for the disorder, hypnosis treatment has shown the highest success rate in replicated studies, with studies commonly showing an astounding 80% or more of the treated patients improving and improvement commonly lasting for at least a couple of years. The BMA recommends a series of 10 treatments for the most effective solution to IBS.

It often helps patients where other methods have failed. Using the healing power of a person’s own mind hypnosis for IBS is a relaxing and enjoyable process. For news on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy with IBS, click here[/toggle_framed]
[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Insomnia”]Highly effective treatments available for insomnia. It is not uncommon for clients who have had problems sleeping for years and tried numerous methods to finally be able to sleep soundly after only one or two sessions.[/toggle_framed]
[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”Creativity & Music Performance”]Being calm, focussed and in your peak mental state can help to turn a mediocre performance into an amazing performance. From being able to play those difficult pieces to being on stage in front of a packed audience hypnotherapy can help. Whist originally studying hypnosis and experiencing hypnosis, one of the things that amazed me, was how hypnosis unlocked a vast storehouse of creativity within me and I found myself writing more music than ever before! As a session musician myself and having successfully used hypnosis to play those “impossible” pieces, I can say that I understand the mental processes that occur during a performance.
[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Pain Management”]It is a little known fact that hypnosis is very effective in relieving and controlling pain. Hypnosis has been used for many years by doctors instead of anaesthesia during operations. The unconscious mind has a great capacity for effecting physical changes in the body.

It is important for clients to receive adequate diagnosis from their doctor concerning the source of their pain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong in the body which needs attention. Removing pain from a headache which may signal the existence of a tumour could be
somewhat of a fatal thing to do!
However, with clients that have received a diagnosis and are suffering
from chronic pain that is currently untreatable using traditional methods, complementary treatments can have a great deal of effectiveness either used alone or in conjunction with your doctors treatment.
I am not saying that we can cure your pain but with our unique method of pain management which combines the effectiveness of energy therapies, clinical hypnosis and self hypnosis training we can help you manage the pain and gain the control back over your life.[/toggle_framed]
[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”Panic attacks”]Fear and panic are acute states of arousal that occur repeatedly and unexpectedly which can have some of the following symptoms:-
Difficult rapid or laboured breathing, palpitations, chest pains,
choking or smothering sensations, dizziness, fainting fear of dying,
fear of mental illness, or of impending doom, hot / cold flushes, hot / cold clammy hands, tingling / burning sensations, trembling / shaking, sweating, unrealistic feelings. Most people with a panic disorder feel anxious about the possibility of having another panic attack.
It is something inside oneself but outside their control. This problem responds well to a combination of hypno-analysis to find an originating cause and integral eye movement therapy which can eliminate or modify thought patterns to the symptoms of the patients.[/toggle_framed]
[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Past Life and Between Life Regression”]Reincarnation, which is part of the belief system of several major world religions, is the belief that we have lived many times before and that our spiritual development evolves with each lifetime.
Past life regression is the process of leading the mind back to one or more previous lives in order to understand particular fears or challenges you’re facing in the present. Many people find past life regression a very effective tool for understanding and overcoming fears, obsessive behaviors, difficult relationships, personality tendencies and life patterns. Whether past lives are real memories or simply fabrications of our unconscious mind, past life regression is still an effective method to help us understand the lessons learned and apply them to the present. Remembering back into previous times of our present life helps us discover repressed memories that might be affecting our choices today.
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[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”PTSD and Trauma”]After accident, injury, or other traumatic event, it’s easy to be thankful that the experience is over, and to look forward to getting on with your life. Sometimes, that’s how it is. Sometimes, a person can really wish that’s how it could be. Days, weeks or months – even years later – the victim of trauma may still be experiencing the pain of that moment. Although those events can never be undone, the effects that they still have on the person in the present can be.
[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Relationship Coaching”]For men and women, whether you’re already in a relationship or would like to have more success in meeting a partner, I offer coaching to improve internal strategies i.e.developing the right mindset required to improve a relationship, getting past blocks in communicating or resolving destructive patterns in order to have the relationship of your dreams.
Approach anxiety can be a major problem with men and women alike, when it comes to meeting and interacting with the opposite sex. From my knowledge of hypnotic comunication and NLP it is apparent to me that like any skill, creating attraction is something that can be learned. I now offer one to one coaching with the addition of external strategies; the nuts and bolts of what to do and say. This is a custom built programme that is not necessarily restricted to the clinic room but can involve getting out in the real world, coffee shops etc and practising what has been learnt. If you are interested in supercharging your social and love life contact me today.[/toggle_framed]
[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”Smoking Cessation”]For some people, giving up smoking is one of the hardest things they do in their lives. Hypnosis is one of the most effective treatments available for individuals who want to quit, because it helps break the habit component and reprograms the body and mind.
Hypnosis also addresses the addictive component by helping the subconsious mind alleviate the difficulties experienced with cravings and withdrawal.
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[one_half][toggle_framed title=”Sports Performance”]Would you like to excell in your sport, overcome those mental barriers, known and unknown? So much about success in any sport is a mental process. Hypnotherapy is now widely used by top sportsmen to gain that edge and get in the zone. With a background in martial arts James Quinn is well equipped to help you achieve your goals. While under hypnosis the body is already in a state of deep relaxation. This state has a healing effect on the whole system. Post-hypnotic suggestions for dealing with stress not only minimize its effects but even decrease the actual amount of stress the body experiences.[/toggle_framed]
[one_half_last][toggle_framed title=”Weight Control”]Become lean, healthy, strong, fit and attractive through our successful weight loss and weight management programs. The proven success of hypnosis in weight loss makes it a real “no-brainer” addition to any weight loss or weight management program.

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