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Can Past Life Regression help me?

  • Relationships-Life between Lives Regression Muswell Hill – So Incredible!

    “It was only by seeing you that it was resolved in my mind…to unlearn the habits that we’d had for the 19 or so years. Thanks to you I’m deeply grateful. It was so incredible..the most magical was the between lives.” Thelma R.

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  • Past Life regression Bedfordshire

    After reliving being stabbed in the side in battle during a Past life regression the pain that I’ve always had down one side of my body has gone and hasn’t returned. Linda

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  • Life between Lives Finchley – Profound Impact

    “I had a sense of clarity about my life…everything seemed to be reaffirmed for me that everything I am doing is all ok, and I’m on the right path…A lot of the experience didn’t sink in till later when I kept thinking over what happened and realised what a profound impact it all made on me.” Ed B.

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  • Past Life Regression Wood Green – Discovery

    “I didn’t think it would work for me, but it did. I opened new doors and possibilities and created further curiosity about it’s and my mind’s strength. The best things about it was discovery, relaxation and exploring myself and my mind. I was all the time, aware of what was happening around me and could stop it at any time” Natalie F

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  • Justin F. after a Past Life Regression
    “Wow, that far exceeded my expectations!”

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  • “It was extremely relaxing…it was like having a dream but being awake…it was absolutely amazing… it flowed one stage after the other…I got the closure I wanted…everything is clear again…the issue has all completely gone, it’s like it could have happened to another person…it’s resolved the questions I had.” Stephen C.
    Press play to hear part 1 of the interview.

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Why choose Past Life Regression?
Past Life Regression is a therapeutic approach that is often ridiculed by some therapists and mainstream psychotherapy, however it is often a powerful way of releasing symptoms that haven’t responded well to more traditional methods.
I find past life regression to be a powerful tool for bringing insight into current life patterns and helping to release those patterns that are holding you back from the life that you want.BOOK NOW
Why is Past Life Regression so successful?
It is so successful because:

  • healing happens at a deeper level than traditional hypnotherapy techniques
  • by revealing a deeper understanding of the way you are, change can happen
  • it releases patterns and beliefs formed that are no longer relavent in this life
  • by experiencing previous extreme life traumas, our current life is given a healthier perspective
Follow this link for research information regarding the effectiveness of past life regression , and why I consider the method I use to have the highest success rate.

Past Life Regression in four easy steps

1 Arrange a free telephone consultation where I can find out a little about your motivations for a past life regression, if you are suitable for hypnotherapy and you can get all your questions answered and decide if you want to go ahead and book a consultation.

2 When you go ahead and book, I will send you a questionnare that not only gives me the essential information that I need but also will help prepare you for the session. Your reasons and triggers for exploring a past life may be unique to you, so with the information I receive I am able to tailor your session to you to make it really effective and permanent.

3 Come in to my clinic and we work together over a period of between two or three hours. This whole session is not only deeply fascinating, but has the potential to release and resolve deep trauma. Most people feel lighter and freer as a result of their experience!

4 Start Living Freer from the past as you begin to process your experiences – Begin to find out what life can be like as you see things with a fresh and more healthy perspective.

Comments and testimonials

Fibromyalgia Bedfordshire

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Relationships Finchley

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Life between Lives Regression

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Justin F. after a Past Life Regression

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