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“...my eating habits did indeed change...I joined Slimming World at the beginning of the year. I have absolutely no problems sticking to the diet, which amazes both myself and my wife. I am convinced that for me this would not have been possible without the foundations which were ‘built’ by you. .”

"Can I lose Weight with Hypnotherapy?"

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Weight Loss Barnet - Lighter and Happier!

“I've lost all my cravings for sweet stuff which used to be a hugh thing for me." Sue F.

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"Why choose Hypnosis for Weight loss?"

If you are fed up of the constant cycle of yo-yo dieting and ready to do something different that deals with the cause of your eating behaviours, then this hypnosis for weight loss approach is for you. This is not about a quick fix, but a method that will change your relationship with food long-term and will probably involve some kind of lifestyle change.

"Why is hypnosis for weight loss so successful?"

It is so successful because:

  • you have new ways of dealing with emotional needs without the need for food
  • you have new and more healthy lifestle choices
  • you gain a huge amount of confidence in your yourself
  • you have a more healthy and enjoyable relationship with food

How does it work?

This programme works by helping you to identify and resolve the emotions and thoughts that are driving any undesired eating patterns using hypnotherapy, integral eye movement therapy and NLP. By recognising and providing alternatives to food, when you’re not actually hungry and by making food something you enjoy rather than something to fit your life around, eating is then free to become something you enjoy and only do when you are hungry.

Lose Weight in four easy steps


Arrange a free telephone consultation where I can find out a little about your problem, and you can get all your questions answered and decide if you want to go ahead and book a consultation.


When you go ahead and book, I will send you a questionnare that not only gives me the essential information that I need but also will help prepare you for the session. Your problem may be different from anyone else’s, so with the information I receive I am able to tailor your session to you to make it really effective and permanent.



Come in to my clinic and we work together over a period of an hour and a half. It is here that you you will learn some new behavioural and thinking strategies and we will begin the exploration of your problem.



The Hypnosis for Weight loss programme is from between 3 to 5 sessions, so between sessions is your opportunity to notice and build on the changes that began in the first session and do any "homework" tasks that I set. It is this time, back in the real world where you can begin to discover what it feels like to be free of think and do things differently.

The Hypnotic Gastric Band is now available as part of this Weight Loss programme at the clinic in East Finchley


"Is the Hypnotic gastric band suitable for you?"

This may be suitable if you:

  • Binge or eat very large portions
  • Have a high body mass index (i.e. 15kg/3 stone or more overweight).

In order to have the greatest level of success in controlling weight it is useful to remove the emotional need to eat and encourage new positive behaviours. For this reason the hypnotic gastric band is only available as an additional extra of the weight loss programme.

The hypnotic gastric band procedure consists of two sessions: the procedure itself and a follow-up adjustment session.

Contact me for a free initial consultation to find out if the Hypnotic gastric band is suitable for you. Please understand that I only offer the Hypnotic gastric band as an optional extra to my weight loss programme if suitable for the client.

Follow this link for research information regarding the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss , and why I consider the method I use to have the highest success rate.

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