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Stop Smoking Harley Street – A Light is Switched on

Shai came to see me at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy clinic for help to stop smoking
It’s out of my system…slowing down, taking it easy, feel much better, feel really healthy now, breathing a lot better, a bit more chilled really, ironically stopping smoking reduces stress…a light is switched onShai

Stopping Smoking Golders Green- Saved Money

I feel much better-healthier. Since April 2013 I have not had the urge to have a cigarette

Hypnotherapy has been a huge help and has helped me save a great deal of money and made me change the way I think.

If you’re considering hypnosis as a way to stop smoking, try it, its a long lasting experienceRoshni

Stopping Smoking Crouch End – Transformed my Life!

Stop Smoking testimonial of freedom from smoking in 1 hourGary N. from Crouch End came to the Finchley Central, North London Stop Smoking clinic.
“I would just like to thank James Quinn for helping me quit smoking. I used to smoke 30 to 40 cigarettes a day. I tried quitting on many occasions but didn’t have the will power to succeed. I met with James and he explained every question and query I had about hypnotherapy.I had just one session with James and he has transformed my life. I feel free from the hold it had on me. I can breath better and even find that I am sleeping easier. He has offered me help and consultation even after the hypnotherapy. It has now been 8 years and I am still free from the smoky restraints which held me.
Kind Regards
Gary N.Gary N.

Past Life regression Bedfordshire

Linda after a Past Life Regression:
After reliving being stabbed in the side in battle during a Past life regression the pain that I’ve always had down one side of my body has gone and hasn’t returned.Linda

Justin F. after a Past Life Regression
“Wow, that far exceeded my expectations!”Justin F.

Life between Lives Finchley – Profound Impact

Ed B. from Finchley after a Life Between Lives session
“After experiencing a Life between lives regression, I had a sense of clarity about my life. Because of the conversations with my guide whilst in trance, everything seemed to be reaffirmed for me that everything I am doing is all ok, and I’m on the right path. So, in that sense, it was all great confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. A lot of the experience didn’t sink in till later when I kept thinking over what happened and realised what a profound impact it all made on me.”
Ed B.

Past Life Regression Wood Green – Discovery

Natalie F. from Wood Green travelled approximately 30 minutes to the Finchley North London hypnotherapy clinic for help with restlessness in home and relationships. Using Past Life Regression as a therapeutic method, here are her comments.
“I feel more open to hypnotherapy. I didn’t think it would work for me, but it did. I opened new doors and possibilities and created further curiosity about it’s and my mind’s strength. The best things about it was discovery, relaxation and exploring myself and my mind. I was all the time, aware of what was happening around me and could stop it at any time”
Natalie F.

Blood Pressure Phobia Finchley – Very Powerful!

Frances K. from Finchley came to the Barnet hypnotherapy clinic for help with a phobia of blood pressure readings.
“I am getting lower blood pressure readings which my doctor has verified. I feel much more hopeful and it was very powerful and enjoyable. I have a better attitude, new motivation and inner strength. I felt I could always stop the hypnosis at any time and would recommend hypnosis”
Frances K.

Anxiety Kent – Feel Better about Myself

Vanessa B. came for a single session of hypnotherapy in Canterbury.
“I feel more able to face my fears and deal with them. I feel better about myself and would recommend hypnotherapy.”
Vanessa B.

Panic Attacks and Stress Potters Bar – So Many Changes

Sue T.from Potters Bar came to the Barnet hypnotherapy clinic to see me for the effects of sress in her life.
“I appreciated our sessions very much and truly feel that they have made a profound difference. There have been so many changes, some immediate, some very gradual and it might make you laugh to think that actually, I don’t really want to quantify them or analyse them, I just want to let them keep happening! I know that this process is going to continue and continue”
Sue T.

Relationship Problems Finchley – Feel so Good

Dusana B. from Finchley came to see me at the Finchley, North London hypnotherapy clinic for a number of sessions in regard to relationship issues she was having
“Hello James. I would like to thank you for your help, I feel so much better now. In the last few days my life changed a lot. I feel so good, I’m smiling a lot and I mean a lot. Everyone keeps asking me what happened to me and most importantly I’m becoming more and more confident and it shows..I don’t know what you did to me but it feels good knowing life’s still on. Thank you for everything”
Dusana B.

Weight Loss Barnet – Slimmer of the Week!

Steve A. from Barnet came to the Barnet hypnotherapy clinic to help lose weight easily.
“I have to admit that I was not too sure at first, but my eating habits did indeed change. On the recommendation of a friend, I joined Slimming World at the beginning of the year. I have absolutely no problems sticking to the
diet, which amazes both myself and my wife. I am convinced that for me this would not have been possible without the foundations which were ‘built’ by you. The success is significant so far, in my first and second weeks I lost 8 &
4.5lbs respectively. In fact, I was ‘Slimmer of the Week!’
Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards
Steve A.

Childhood Trauma Pinner – More at Peace

Madhavi W. travelled from Pinner and was having difficulty moving on from childhood events. Her comments after one session:
“I feel much less anger than I used to and feel more at peace. It’s worth giving hypnotherapy a go, it’s worth it!”
Madhavi W.

Alcohol Tottenham – Teetotal!

Andrea L. from Tottenham came to the Wood Green hypnotherapy clinic for help to stop drining alcohol
“Hello James I was aiming to be teetotal in one session. I’m not counting how long it’s been as I’m aiming to remain like this. I’d just like to say a thank you, it helped a great deal.”
Andrea L.

Anger, Anxiety and Depression Friern Barnet – Greater Understanding

Michael G. from Friern Barnet came to the Finchley, North London Hypnotherapy clinic for help with depression.
“It has given me a greater understanding of my feelings and reactions to those feelings in that it has given me a form/shape whereas before I felt very confused by them.”
Michael G.

Emetophobia Friern Barnet – Much More Control

Mira M. from Friern Barnet came to the Finchley, North London hypnotherapy clinic. She was suffering from an extreme phobic reaction to being separated from her husband, even for a short time and Emetophobia (fear of being sick). Although she only came for one session and could benefit from more sessions, I thought it useful to share these comments with permission and courtesy of her husband.
“Me and Mira are in university now and she is doing amazingly. Her anxiety about me separating is still there but the boundary that we can push is much further away and is under much more control than even two months ago.
On hindsight we both think that even that one session with you really helped. It didn’t cure anything but it did teach her that she is able to control her anxiety. After she ‘realised’ that then things slowly became
better. It seems like she is at the point now where it is OK for me to go off and for her not to even know where I am going as long as I come back at the set time. In short I think we do not realise how much you actually helped in that one session. Just by showing her that she CAN control it had meant she does control it. Sometimes if her anxiety creeps up on her, we will kind of ‘chant’. It sounds stupid but we both talk to it as such, telling it to go away,that it can’t control her anymore (largely thanks to your help) and that seems to do the job for the most part although we have only actually had to do this once or twice. So in short, I don’t think she needs any more sessions.
Thank you for your help”
Mira M.

Stop Smoking Amersham – Life changing!

Nancy V. from Amersham came to the Barnet North London Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking clinic
“Hi James
Not had a cigarette since our meeting and not had the urge either, so it’s been life changing.Thanks so much”Nancy V.

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Leo from Barnet came to the Barnet Hypnotherapy clinic for help with insomnia.
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Creativity Stevenage

Jo from Stevenage in Hertfordshire booked a hypnotherapy session to explore the use of hypnosis in accessing creativity for an art project
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Anger Walthamstow

Metti from Walthamtow came to the Finchley Hypnotherapy clinic for help with anger. This was primarily an integral eye movement therapy session
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Coaching for musicians-Woodside Park

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